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Simone Roodselaar is a Dutch painter, known for her large-scale compositions of colorful shapes and energetic marks. 

Creativity has always been the common thread in my life. From an early age I felt the need to create. Creating  from scratch. Making my own ideas tangible and visible. It started with all kinds of creative expressions, like handwork and styling. Later, I learned the basics of painting at painting courses, which moved me to explore my feelings and let them flow on the canvas.

While painting, I feel free to capture my emotions that I experience, in color, texture and composition. Emotions can arise anywhere: In nature, while listening to music, or an event that has an impact on me.

When I start painting, I really feel myself in the moment. It feels like I am in an energy field, which leads me to create. A sensation that I experience by mixing the colors on the canvas. Time seems to stand still and a new work is created: My feeling expressed, through a higher energy, in a combination of color, texture and composition.

I like to see and ask myself, what drives people to do something? Something arises in the brain and is expressed in action. What kind of influence does images have on someone's actions? That’s why I like to paint abstract forms, so that a recognizable form is not decisive, but the feeling that a work evokes in someone. An association of shape and color can be different for everyone. And also the energy you feel while looking at a painting.

My mission

To live in the moment, enjoy what is there, experience what is happening, without attaching any judgment to it.

I like to inspire people to experience the energy that flows from my paintings

I therefore like to leave the experience of my works to the viewer, and ask themselves:

what do I see,

what does it do to me


just enjoy it...

I am fascinated by the intriguing power that drives people to take action. I believe that emotions are formed in the brain and manifest in our actions. My curiosity leads to the question: "What motivates people, and what influence does art have on the emotions of the viewer?" That's why I prefer to paint abstract forms, where the focus is not on recognizable shapes but on the feelings that an artwork evokes. The association of shapes and colors can be different for everyone. By using metallics such as copper, bronze, and gold, I uniquely translate my positive outlook on life.

With my paintings, I aim to evoke specific emotions, making them a lasting memory of special moments in the viewer's life.

Experience the power of emotion and let my artworks add a unique glow to your life story.

Art is an experience, a sensation you feel when you look at it. What I find beautiful is that everyone sees something different.

It's your eyes that see, but your consciousness determines what you see.


In addition to my existing collection, I also offer the opportunity to paint commissioned pieces, working in collaboration with the client to determine the colors, subject, and dimensions.

If you're interested in any of my artworks or in collaborating, feel free to reach out to me.

Simone Roodselaar

06 81 32 77 34

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You are as great as you can imagine.
Just as the universe expands, 
our imagination and creativity can also be limitless.
Surrender to the endless possibilities 
of your creativity and the depths of your soul
and let yourself be carried away to other dimensions. 
Discover that the only limits you see 
are the boundaries you impose on yourself.




size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm
frame: 180 x 210 x 12,5 cm


Spread your positive energy,
that will bring happiness to the world.
Energy cannot be seen by everyone,
but everybody can feel it.
Be loving, caring, patient
and your energy will start going on
through others,
like a domino.


size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm
frame: 180 x 210 x 12,5 cm


Wonder and imagination, 
where reality fades away 
and the boundaries 
between dream and reality blur.
Immerse yourself in the magic of the moment
and briefly escape the constraints
of everyday existence.
Look beyond the limits you've set for yourself
and surrender to the power of your
creativity and imagination.


size: 150 x 150 x 4,5 cm
frame: 170 x 170 x 12,5 cm


life is breathing in, breathing out
all in between
is the moment we live in.
If you trust your nature
Everything goes in a flow.
This is what is,
Not what has been
Or is coming
Everything just in time, like the sprouting of a seed
Developing in a flower.
If you are out of balance for a moment,
Then breathe in calmly and relax again
Feel that you are here, in the moment.



size: 130 x 160 x 4,5 cm
frame: 150 x 180 x 12,5 cm

Remember there is love

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, 
you can take a moment to pause, reflecting on what it's all about.
The power of love as a constant,
as a source of comfort and joy.
Without love, you don't feel happiness.
Remember the value of love in all its forms
and how this powerful emotion 
colors the most vibrant and meaningful moments
in our lives.



size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm
frame: 180 x 210 x 12,5 cm


You only have to plant your seeds
and you will grow.
Don’t be impatient, 
growing needs time.
Just keep giving it energy
and you will grow at the right speed.
Some seeds grow faster than others
Trust the process, give it time
and your seeds will flower.



size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm
frame: 180 x 210 x 12,5 cm

Letting go

Do you try to hold everything in life,
or do you accept that life is about a flow
of come and go.
If you are able to see
that everything is connected
you will be able to let go.
Because deep inside you know
that you never have to let go,
If you don’t hold your hands on it,
you will understand that what seems to go
is still with you.


size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm


If you are able to do what you like to do,
no obligations,
not being accountable to anyone else.
You don’t have to worry, thoughtless, by yourself
Being able to express your opinion,
free choices,confess love,
to be kind,
Your choice to feel yourself
the way you want to feel
your choice for your own core values,
that makes you happy.



size: 150 x 150 x 4,5 cm


When does the moment come when you become insecure about yourself?
Is it the comments of others that determine that you think
you are not good enough.
You get emotionally confused, in a deep valley, a dark pit.
You let yourself be influenced by what happens outside of yourself.
How unfortunate it is that you, a unique person, do not see your own beauty.
It's hard to find a way back to who you really are.
But every person is beautiful on the inside.
By accepting that you are beautiful inside,
each person in their own unique way,
you can shine again and show your real self.
Your uniqueness in a golden frame.
Sometimes you need outside support or approval to convince you.
But in the end, only you are able to shine
when you accept yourself as you are.



size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm


How beautiful a relationship, in any form, can be.
Relationships are meant for sharing:
friendship, knowledge, love, passions, interests.
In openness with each other, without judgment and without attachment,
a relationship becomes more valuable.
But when does it become blocked, or friction arises?
It happens when openness between individuals diminishes.
When one starts to claim the other, closing off to different opinions,
and refusing to accept them.
Tolerance is the key.
If you accept others as they are, not clinging to your own values, but acknowledging that others may have different values and norms, a relationship remains valuable and can even thrive.
Tolerance for oneself is a precursor to acceptance. If you are tolerant of yourself, you'll find it easier to accept who you are.


size: 120 x 200 x 4,5 cm

Mind sex

thoughts fill your mind.
What do those thoughts do to you
looking at an image,
what feelings does it evoke?
Can you be carried away by the image
or is it the title that gives it more meaning?
Let your thoughts flow with an impact on your feelings.
Representation of passion
that you've experienced before
that you hope to experience.

size: 100 x 100 x 4,5 cm


I see trust as a two-way street, with both positive and negative aspects.
Having trust in yourself, your intuition, your family, your friends, and your future can be incredibly powerful. It provides you with the strength and positivity to face challenges and achieve your goals.
Lack of self-confidence, not receiving trust, or giving trust to someone and then being disappointed can be destructive. It can take you out of your strength and evoke negative emotions.
It is valuable to believe in yourself and have trust in the people who care about you. While disappointments may occur, nurturing positive relationships and having confidence in your own abilities are crucial for your well-being and growth.

size: 130 x 160 x 4,5 cm

Open your heart

When you open your heart, everything begins to flow.
You enrich yourself because you also allow another
to glimpse inside you.
Being open to others creates connection and trust.
This, in turn, allows another person to entrust their heart to you.




size: 130 x 160 x 4,5 cm


Where do you meet your limits?
Are there limits you put on yourself,
or are you limited by others?
Can you choose to be limitless and find your full potential?
Maybe when you start only for a few moments a day and let it grow,
you will find lots of energy.


size: 150 x 150 x 4,5 cm


Merging with the rhythm, the sea, back and forth, in motion,
the calm, the sound, powerful yet reassuring.
A bird nourishes itself, a fish lives its life,
and so much more beneath the surface.
Everything sustains each other, is connected to one another.
The sea flows through all these organisms,
and I am also a part of it.
Everything is as it should be,
no manipulation, just going with the flow.
Simply being, in happiness, in the moment.


size: 130 x 160 x 4,5 cm

Miss you

Used to be together all the time
not knowing what if feels like to miss each other
We are two separate persons, 
but also one, 
grown towards each other 
we know each other, don’t have to tell much to understand
But if you can’t hold me,
I miss you.
I know you are in my mind and I am in yours,
but missing you can hurt.
But missing you can also bring you closer, because it makes me realize
how much I love you.


size: 150 x 150 x 4,5 cm


The state you reach when you feel in heaven.
Everything aligns, no sense of lack but enlightenment.
You experience that everything is connected,
and there, in the midst of it, you feel one with everything.
There is nothing outside you or inside you.
Everything is one.
When can you achieve this? When are you in Bliss?
It's a feeling beyond your consciousness,
something you cannot rationalize.
It's a moment, sudden, a flash,
perhaps 5 seconds, that seems to last an eternity.

size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm


State of trance

Merging with the rhythm, beyond illusion, beyond time.
You feel the rhythm, sound fades away slowly
without attention, moving
thriving on the rhythm.
Bringing you into an infinite trance,
one that may linger forever,
like in a state of meditation,
where everything is one
and you completely immerse yourself in the universe.


size: 120 x 190 x 4,5 cm

Italian feeling



        How does your

      environment play

      with your feelings


size: 120 x 130 x 4,5 cm

Beautiful life

How beautiful can your life be…
Looking from within your soul, you experience your own world.
Do you see the sun or the shadow,
do you see problems, or do you see challenges?
Can you be moved by the small, priceless things in life,
or are you nourished by material possessions?
What is beautiful is different for everyone,
live your life, not someone else's,
and make it as beautiful as you desire.


size: 100 x 100 x 4,5 cm

Let's get together




      What seems to be normal

              is most precious 







size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm

Be rebellious

How often do you listen
to what others say?
If you don't do what others want,
you are often seen as rebellious.
But if you want to develop yourself,
you may choose your own path
and sometimes you have to be rebellious.



size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm

Cosmic connection

Everything is connected, 

sometimes only with small lines,

but visible, when you pay attention to it.


size: 160 x 190 x 4,5 cm

Love under construction

Is love perfect of itself, 
do we need to work on our relationship?
Love is perfect
But our thoughts make it imperfect.



size: 190 x 160 x 4,5 cm

Spring is in the air


         Every new beginning

              is a challenge

                 to change 




size: 190 x 160 x 4,5 cm

Beat it




     "Don't be discouraged

          If things don't go

         as you expected.

You can overcome anything

  if you believe in yourself."





size: 120 x 190 x 4,5 cm





       Did you count

      your blessings





size: 120 x 200 x 4,5 cm

Keep the fire burning


     Never stop

   giving energy


size: 150 x 150 x 4,5 cm

The power of love

The world sometimes seems to be overshadowed
by division and discord.
Yet it's important to remember that the power of love is always there.
Love has the ability to bring out the best in humanity.
It is a source of inspiration that reminds us
that love has the power to make a lasting impact
on the world around us.


size: 180 x 120 x 4,5 cm

The Gap

Somewhere between your conscious and unconscious,
the intangible, where you have no awareness,
wishes come into existence.
Therefore, be aware
of what you wish for.



size: 130 x 160 x 4,5 cm

Deep forest




    Real treasures

    can be found

     deep inside


size: 120 x 200 x 4,5 cm

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